Car Accident Injuries: What Happens to a Body in a Car Crash?

The impact of a car accident can seriously injure a driver and their passengers. The type of injuries depends on the kind of crash. Collisions can affect the body differently. Here are some common things that could happen to the body in a car crash.


Whiplash is one of the most common injuries in a car crash. It happens most frequently when you are hit from behind. Your head and neck will snap forward and will move at a different rate than the rest of your body, potentially causing serious neck injuries. While the injury may be common, its effects are far from it. Even more serious, whiplash can cause traumatic brain injuries when the head snaps forward.

Even without whiplash, the sudden movement of your body can cause neck and back injuries such as herniated disks and soft tissue injuries to the neck.

Impact Injuries

The force of the crash will cause the whole body to move. Parts of the body, such as the legs, can hit the steering wheel or dashboard. In addition, the force with which the airbag deploys could also cause broken ribs and internal injuries.

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When you are hit head-on or in a t-bone crash, the impact injuries can be much worse. In a head-on crash, not only is there a severe impact, but your body rapidly decelerates from traveling at many miles per hour to zero. Your body will be absorbing a large amount of energy, and that could result in crush injuries and other serious internal damage.

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Can I recover for all the costs of my medical treatments?

Your car accident compensation covers all medical bills, including the cost of rehabilitation.

How do I receive a car accident settlement?

You can either file a lawsuit or a claim with the insurance company.

How will a car accident lawyer help me?

The attorney could help file a claim with the insurance company and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.