Who Is At Fault in a T-Bone Accident?

A T-bone accident occurs when one motorist plows directly into the side of another driver’s car.  Because the sides of vehicles have less protection from the impact of an accident, T-bone accidents can be especially dangerous. While not always the case, T-bone accidents are generally caused by the driver who crashes headlong into the other. If another driver T-bones your car, don’t put off consulting with an Atlanta experienced car accident attorney.

T-Bone Accidents

Drivers are responsible for paying attention to the traffic ahead and for only proceeding when it is safe to do so, which is why the driver who makes contact with the side of the other’s car is typically responsible for the T-bone accident (most common in intersections). The root cause of these dangerous accidents is often one of the following:

  • The driver is distracted and isn’t paying adequate attention to what’s happening in the intersection.
  • The driver is speeding dangerously and doesn’t have time to react safely to what is happening in the intersection.
  • The driver is drunk, and their physical, cognitive, or visual impairments make it impossible for them to react safely.



It’s Time to Consult With an Experienced Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

If another driver leaves you injured in a T-bone accident, the resourceful Atlanta car accident attorneys at Ahmad Injury Law understand the gravity of your situation and are committed to skillfully advocating for both your rights and your rightful compensation. For more information, please don’t wait to contact or call us at 404-689-1262 today.

Car Accident FAQ

What if I’m partially to blame?

It is your right to seek compensation for the percentage of fault that the other driver bears (as long as they are responsible for at least 50 percent).

How do I prove the extent of my damages?

Proving the extent of your damages is a job that is best left in the capable hands of your experienced car accident attorney.

What is the statute of limitations?

The statute of limitations refers to how long you have to file a lawsuit after the injury-causing accident, and in Georgia, it is two years.