Auto Collision Attorneys in Atlanta:  Here’s What to Look Out For

Working with a reputable and experienced car accident attorney is essential. If you’ve been in an accident in Georgia, you will want to be sure that you retain a car accident attorney who will be a zealous advocate for your interests. You want to know that the attorney will manage all the filings, deadlines, and negotiations in your case so that you can concentrate on getting back to your life and health.  So, what should you look for when searching for that perfect lawyer for your case?

Look for Experience in Personal Injuries and Car Accidents

Lawyers don’t usually have specialties the way that doctors do. On the other hand, most of them tend to concentrate their practices in specific areas of the law. This concentration allows them to develop considerable experience and expertise in those particular cases and be better able, therefore, to handle your case.  Most car accidents result in personal injuries and are litigated and settled under the rules of negligence.  You will want to be sure that any attorney you choose has the experience and knowledge you need.

Talk to Friends and Family – and Lawyers You Know

People who have used a particular attorney tend to have fairly strong opinions about that lawyer – whether good or bad. Although you may not react to a recommended attorney the way your friend or family member did, their experience can be a good starting point for your search. Similarly, you may already know a lawyer, even if just socially, and that lawyer can probably make some recommendations as well. But remember, you have to be comfortable working with the attorney you choose.

Think About Working with the Attorney You Select

Is the attorney you’re considering personable and professional? Do they answer your questions and listen carefully to what you’re saying? Is the attorney available when needed? Are there other attorneys or staff who can answer your questions when your attorney isn’t available? Do you feel as though you can trust this attorney? Bear in mind that you’re placing a lot of your life and your recovery in the attorney’s hands. You need to be comfortable with that decision.

Neatness Counts

Seriously. If the attorney’s office looks like bombs explode in it daily, that firm may not be organized enough to oversee your case.  Litigation is full of deadlines and details, and you need to be sure that your attorney will not miss any of them.

Ask for References and Statistics

Any attorney of any standing should be willing and able to give you references among former clients. Consider contacting them. Also, look at awards and other public services of the prospective attorney. Finally, ask for win and loss information. Remember, though, that just because an attorney has won millions of dollars for hundreds of clients, there is no guarantee that that attorney will win anything at all for you. But a strong win/loss record can indicate how skilled your prospective attorney is.

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Car Accident Attorney FAQs

What are some of the questions I should ask a lawyer I’m considering retaining?

Some of the information you should get includes:  how long the lawyer has been practicing; how much of the practice is car accidents and personal injury cases; does the firm usually represent plaintiffs or defendants; does the firm or attorney have previous experience with the insurance companies involved in your case?

How will I pay my attorney for my personal injury car accident case?

Most personal injury and car accident cases by plaintiffs are paid for under a contingency fee arrangement. Your attorney will provide you with a written agreement explaining how contingency fees work, what you will be charged for a successful result at different stages of the matter, and whether you pay expenses.

Who are the plaintiff and defendant?

The plaintiff is the injured party who filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for injuries suffered in the car accident. The defendant is the party that the plaintiff is suing.