Car Accident Witness: 3 Important Questions You Should Always Ask

When you are speaking to a car accident witness, you want to get them talking about exactly what they saw. There is a way to get information from them that can benefit your case. The key is to get them talking freely about the accident.

What Did You See?

Note that this question is not phrased looking for a yes or no answer. Instead, it is a broad and open-ended question meant to elicit as much information as possible. Yes or no questions will cause witnesses to answer them exactly that way, and they will leave out important information. Starting with a broader question will prompt the witness to start talking expansively and then get into specifics.

What Was Either of the Drivers Doing Wrong?

This will give you an idea of whether the witness will testify that the other driver did something wrong that caused the accident. For example, the witness could say that the driver was speeding or driving erratically. If there is a witness who can testify to this, it will mean that you will not be in a situation where it is your word against the other driver. 

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Did You Observe Anything About the Drivers?

You should ask the witness what they heard or saw after the accident. The other driver could have admitted fault within the earshot of the witness or said something else that implicated themselves. The witness could also have noted that the driver appeared drunk or otherwise incapacitated. The best thing to do is to get the witnesses’ contact information and let your lawyer question them. This is what your attorney does every day.

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How Do I Qualify for Car Accident Compensation?

You must prove negligence for the other party to have a legal obligation to pay.

Why Do I Need Witnesses?

The only way to prove fault is through evidence, and witnesses are one part of it.

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Your claim is strongest when you have an experienced attorney handling it.