Concussion From Car Accidents: What You Should Know About Concussion Injuries

Even an accident at low speeds can result in a concussion. Traumatic brain injuries range in severity from mild to life-threatening. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys explain what you should know about concussion injuries.

Can you sue over a concussion from a car accident?

A concussion from a car accident is a qualifying injury for financial compensation. It is a personal injury that the victim may claim compensation for under car accident laws.

The victim must prove that they suffered a concussion because of the car accident. They must value damages and request compensation. A concussion is a qualifying injury that may be the basis for a lawsuit.

What kind of lawsuit is a concussion from a car accident?

A concussion lawsuit is a civil car accident claim. The legal basis is usually negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions. The victim claims financial compensation because another party is responsible for the car accident and the concussion.

Should you get medical treatment if you suspect a concussion after a car accident?

If you suspect a concussion after a car accident, medical treatment should be treated as an emergency. Healthcare professionals can work to stabilize your condition and prevent further harm. In addition, timely medical treatment provides confirmation of the concussion and its relationship to the accident.

How do you prove concussion?

To prove concussion, you may rely on:

  • Cognitive tests performed by a medical professional
  • CT scans and other brain imaging
  • The victim’s appearance and consciousness immediately after the accident
  • Testimony from the victim about their symptoms
  • Medical records and testimony about the victim’s progress – information may include memory function, brain processing speed, and reaction time
  • Photos of the victim following the accident
  • Information about the nature of the accident itself and the likely trauma to the victim

How much is a concussion injury case worth?

A concussion injury case is based on the losses sustained by the victim and the legal liability of the defendant. In general, the case is worth the sum of financial losses and pain and suffering. Because some concussions are minor while others are extremely severe, there is a wide range of what a concussion injury case is worth.

Receiving the compensation that you should for a concussion injury is not automatic. You must carefully prove the damages that you have and your right to compensation. A car accident attorney can help you value your losses and the strength of your legal claim to determine how much your concussion injury case is worth.

Can you get pain and suffering pay from a concussion?

Pain and suffering are available damages that result from a concussion. The amount that you can receive depends on how severe the injury is and how it interferes with your life. For example, if you have lingering headaches several months after the injury, your pain and suffering compensation should be greater than if you heal completely in a few days. In addition to pain and suffering, you may also claim compensation for emotional anguish and disrupted lifestyle that result from your concussion.

How can an attorney help you with a car accident concussion lawsuit?

An attorney can help you make a car accident concussion lawsuit a success with the following:

  • Ensuring that you have thorough medical evaluations to document that you received a concussion
  • Gathering evidence that the car accident is the cause of the concussion
  • Proof of fault for the accident; proof of legal liability, and your right to compensation
  • Identifying witnesses and other parties beyond the driver who may be responsible for damages like an employer or a vehicle manufacturer
  • Speaking with the insurance company; making reports and claims
  • Evaluating the total amount of compensation you may deserve from all categories
  • Determining whether to accept an insurance settlement or go to trial
  • Court appearances on your behalf

A concussion is a complex injury. Understanding your injury is an important part of receiving the compensation you deserve. There are many important steps involved in receiving fair pay for your car accident. An experienced attorney knows these steps, and they can represent you throughout the claims process to maximize your compensation.

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