What Is the Percentage of Car Accidents That Happen in Atlanta

What Is the Percentage of Car Accidents That Happen in Atlanta

Atlanta’s streets are notoriously crowded, as the traffic is among the worst in the country. Every day, hundreds of thousands of drivers clog city streets and roads like I-285, I-85, and I-75. Atlanta is known for its bad drivers who are overly aggressive. In fact, aggressive driving accidents in Atlanta have tripled in the last … Continue reading

Car Accident Witness 3 Important Questions You Should Always Ask

Car Accident Witness: 3 Important Questions You Should Always Ask

When you are speaking to a car accident witness, you want to get them talking about exactly what they saw. There is a way to get information from them that can benefit your case. The key is to get them talking freely about the accident.   What Did You See? Note that this question is … Continue reading

Atlanta Car Accident Victim Compensation Here's What You Need to Know

Atlanta Car Accident Victim Compensation: Here’s What You Need to Know

When you have been injured in a car accident, the responsible party has a legal obligation to pay you for the harm that you have suffered. This is done first through their insurance company. The key is to know how much your claim is worth, and the average person may not have this knowledge. This … Continue reading

what are uber accident settlement amounts

What Are Uber Accident Settlement Amounts?

Uber and other rideshare companies offer a whole lot of convenience, but Uber accident claims can be exceptionally complicated. While there is no way to identify the exact amount of compensation to which you are entitled, there are some basic categories of damage that can help you better understand what your settlement amount will likely … Continue reading

average compensation for a motorcycle accident

Average Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident: Here’s What You Need to Know

Every motorcycle accident is utterly unique, which makes pinpointing a compensation amount before the fact very difficult. If, however, another motorist’s negligence does leave you injured in a motorcycle accident, you need just compensation in order to regain your health and reach your fullest recovery. While your case and the associated compensation you receive will … Continue reading

what compensation can I get for being knocked off my bike

What Compensation Can I Get for Being Knocked off My Bike?

When you’re on your bike, you are exceptionally vulnerable to the immense impact of traffic accidents. If a motorist’s negligence leaves you injured in a bike accident, you can expect your injuries to be serious. An experienced Atlanta bicycle accident attorney at Ahmad Injury Law can help ensure that you obtain the compensation to which … Continue reading